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Agendastral: your astrological partner

Explore the cutting-edge in astrology and seamlessly weave it into your daily routine for a life transformation. Agendastral beckons you to immerse yourself in the realm of astrology, navigating personal crises, and delving into profound self-discovery.

Our mission is clear: leverage astrology to provide you with a holistic understanding of yourself and your current life phase. Empowering you to make mindful adjustments aligned with your objectives and aspirations.


Transit playback

A transit reading can help you better understand the celestial energies at play in the sky and in your life during a chosen period.

Life Coaching & Astrology

Regular and ongoing coaching can help you get the most out of astrology.



"Karen is a passionate person who offers excellent service! She really took the time to explain my birth chart well, with incredible precision. Very warm and careful too. She wrote a manuscript that will accompany me for all my life to help better understand the stages of my life. I saw that she spent a lot of time on it and what she took out of my birth chart really spoke to me. Of course I'm also going to get the solar revolution chart every year. I will be a subscriber for the next few years, for sure."

Christiansen Deschênes, Québec


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Karen Basso

I'm Karen. I was born in the early hours of a full moon Thursday in Sagittarius, March 26, 1981 in Ponta Pora, Brazil.. 

Learn more about me here.

"The distance between man and the star is abolished, of course, but it remains to abolish the distance between man and himself, between man and all the other men on the entire planet. And this will undoubtedly be one of the essential roles of this astro-ecology of the future world."

Gérard Sabian

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