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My name is Karen Basso. I was born in the early hours of a full moon Thursday in Sagittarius, March 26, 1981 in Ponta Pora, Brazil.


Since childhood, I have been interested in the mysteries of our existence on this planet and the existence of a universe beyond. Astrology, psychology, mythology and spirituality have always fascinated my imagination, as well as the existence of many different civilizations and places in our ship-planet. Being complex and multidisciplinary, in 2017, when I was doing my second master's degree, I saw myself facing a call: to share my knowledge of astrology with others. That same year, I graduated in professional international NLP coaching from Alex Ross and as a master reiki therapist by the Divine Yu Academy in Montreal.

In 2018, I started to strengthen my studies and network all over the world. Thanks to experts I got in contact with, I did, I do and I will continue learning, because it's part of who we are as astrologers. I want to improve myself and share what I’ve been experiencing in my path with astrology as much as I can! To mention a few astrologers that have deeply inspired me since the beginning of my journey: Caroline W. Cassey, Claudia Lisboa, Adam Eleinbass, the entire network of the Astrology Hub and the Faculty of Astrological Studies of UK, among many others… I am and will be eternally grateful to you, guys!

Agendastral is a work in progress project that I’ve been developing in my personal life since 2016 and sharing with my clients since 2018. I feel that it is still being born, even though there are so many interesting benefits coming out from it! The more I keep on offering it to the world, the more the universe keeps on giving me signs that I am on the right track. Thanks to you, to your trust, to your desire to get better and better, to your reliance on the coach system I offer inside it. 

There is a reason related to my way of seeing and working with astrology and I am delighted to present this approach to you, because that is my mission. Throughout my learning journey, many people have come to me with doubts and needing advice. This is how I began to be put into service. It all developed so naturally! That’s the reason I keep on here with an open heart, determined to continue devoting some of my time to you, in a very special way and with much love.

As I love saying to all people I coach, I don't believe in coincidences. You have just read all these lines so I salute your soul for coming to see me, I salute the time you devote to getting to know me. Actually, time is the most precious thing you have to offer and I take it very seriously. So I greet your light, knowing that the best and most appropriate is already happening. I am honored with your presence here and I hope you will get in touch with me, with a profound desire for change and an open heart. If you have been searching and willing to learn how to heal and evolve, I strongly invite you to invest in yourself with the coach and techniques I have to offer you! 

Thank you for being there for you! Thank you for never giving up on you and for wanting to evolve still more through Agendastral Coaching & Astrology.


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