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Transit reading

  • 50 min
  • 100 Dólares canadenses
  • Quebec

Description du service

Transit readings compare the relationship between the natal chart and the movement of planets in the sky at any given time, to get an idea of the celestial energies at play during the time period. In general, it represents the issues of the current period. Otherwise, it may well be a time in the future or in the past. Moments or tensions in life can appear and we find it difficult to understand why. The transit method is one of the methods - probably the most reliable - to help you pass through it more prepared and serene. This is not a specific look at "what will happen", but rather a look at the patterns and probabilities of the energies that will be activated, looking at how they interact with your (felt) psyche. Indeed, no event can be predicted by astrology: it is important to be aware of it. *In addition to this reading, you will receive the audio of the session.

Politique d'annulation

Attention! To cancel or change your appointment, please do so within a maximum of 24 hours BEFORE the date and time of the original appointment. Changes after this deadline will not be allowed and the amount of the appointment will be invoiced at 50%, in respect to the work and availability of the astrologer.


  • Quebec, Canadá

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