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Your energy inspires a powerful intuition in my soul. I feel myself invaded by an indomitable impulse for freedom in all aspects of my life. I follow my inner voice. I find a new path. With rhythm and tranquility. I acknowledge and wake up the bravery I have inside. My boldness is the main attribute of what you once gave me. My birthright and powerful health. So here I am, grabbing on my own mane. Quiet. And agile.


What causes it to burst from the ground and stretch towards the unknown future? I go out and I rise above any old confusion. Stored souvenirs from “I should have done this or that” or regrets. I clean my thoughts. I rise. Family. Home. Security in my heart. New languages. Work. Purpose. Love. Peace. Time. Quality. Friends. Health. Earth and Fire. Harmony.

I walk into Gaia’s sanctuary full of gratitude.

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