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A diary, according to the dictionary of the French language, is a "small notebook, reserving each page for one or more days of the year in the order of the calendar to register what we have to do or what we has done, and which possibly includes a directory of addresses and various practical information". Astral means what relates to the stars. Yes, we are talking about astrology, but not about a divinatory and deterministic astrology. Agendastral proposes is decision making, the choice of the moment to act on what one wants from life (in different sectors), based on the study of the sky map. individual, which belongs to us in a very particular way. And by doing this, Agendastral offers a journey of deep self-knowledge.

Astrology is not a divinatory art, nor a science, it is a calendar and when we compose and  use a diary to align our lives with the energy inherent in our birth chart, we know when and how to act for what we want! The main idea is to empower ourselves to be the leader of our destiny, by observing the seasons, the cycles of the moon and our journey in this planet which rotates non-stop with other planets, helping us to notice that everything changes and transforms all the time. Life translates into its phases, its ups and downs, its moments of calm and great intensity. We want to carry out our personal projects and we see ourselves facing challenges that are sometimes beyond our control. In other words, here we don't have ready-made answers about the future.


We start, for example, with the natal chart or the examination of transits to provide you with a calendar of the conditions in which you can build your  evolution. I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life and to accomplish this mission, there are tools. Through my ability to access my clients' transits and natal chart systems and capture important details about their past, present, and future, I can offer useful information that will help them make meaningful changes in their lives. at their time and in their own way. Explore my site and find out how I can help you improve your life experience.

With love and gratitude,  

Karen Furlan Basso

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