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Personalized poster

Personalized poster

Please note: the photo is only an example! Please read carefully.


This product will be custom made for you. If you are interested, please make an order request and we will contact you to obtain the necessary information to prepare your product, in complete confidentiality and exclusivity.


Thank you so much!


Personalized poster containing the sky map and the illustration of the event you want, such as:

1) wedding (interior decoration);

2) the birth of the baby (decoration of the child's room),

3) launching your business (office decoration);

4) date of immigration (interior decoration);


Among many other important celebration dates for you!


Dimensions description: 18 x 24 inches.

The product consists of a poster. the photo frame was used as an example*.

    As this product relies on your information to be custom made, your purchase will be treated as a pre-order. Thank you for your understanding.
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